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EMEAT - Market Data, Analytical Tools, and Insights for the North American Meat Industry
EMEAT - Market Data, Analytical Tools, and Insights for the North American Meat Industry
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Risco USA Corporation

Risco USA Corporation is a manufacturer of Food Processing Equipment and Vacuum Stuffers servicing the Meat, Bakery, Dairy, Pet Food, Case Ready & Value Added Processors.

Risco production includes a wide range of sausage vacuum fillers – total vacuum fillers for filling whole muscle, dry sausages, salami and mortadella products – ground beef lines – sausage linking lines – meat preparation lines such as grinders and paddle mixers – forming lines for burgers, balls and dumplings (meat,fish or vegetarian products) – depositing and co-extrusion systems – a complete range of Risco accessories specially designed for the food industry.

Risco products are the result of careful research to help its customers of the small, medium and large food industry to develop new solutions in terms of production and finished product. The evolution of the company and the continued growth in years are not just a boast, but a tangible proof of its ability to adapt to the market and the needs of the customer.

ProteinBeef, Pork & Poultry
Supply Chain StageProcessing and Packaging
ProductsMachinery & Equipment
Target AudienceSuppliers, Processors & Distributors


United States of America



South Easton, 60 Bristol Dr. P.O. Box 198
(508) 230 3336

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