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Market Data & Easy Analytics of the U.S. Meat Industry

EMEAT offers up to six years of historical data of the U.S. meat industry with easy analytics tools for Free.

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Comprehensive market data for U.S. beef & pork

EMEAT offers up to six years of historical data of the U.S. meat industry with easy analytics tools.

Prices of Meat

Get up-to-date price information on beef and pork cuts, plus 6 years of historical data.


Supply & Demand Data

Get historical estimated and actual data for livestock slaughter, meat production and average live and carcass weights.


  • Beef & Pork Meat Production
  • Imports/Exports by Country

Prices of Inputs

Get historical data for prices of cattle and swine by origin, purchase type, region, class of cattle, selling basis, and other indicators.


  • Cattle & Swine prices

Easy Analytics - So easy to use, you’ll never go back

Price Tables

Charts - cyclical & continuous


Price comparisons

Price Tables

With our Price Tables you can quickly and easily analyze the latest daily, weekly and monthly prices.

Beef Cutout Historical Data

Charts - cyclical & continuous

Built with ease of use in mind, our charts can display up to six years of data presented in a cyclical or continuous view that you can customize according to your needs.


EMEAT offers analytics and visualization tools to help you spot risks and opportunities, such as our Histogram tool available for meat and input prices.

Price Distribution of Beef Cutout
Beef Cutout vs Pork Cutout

Price comparisons

With EMEAT's Compare tool you can compare multiple data series displaying up to five price time series simultaneously.

What our customers are saying

I would like to congratulate EMEAT and Simon for the development of a tool that provides accessibility and visibility to key data in a very user-friendly way. EMEAT incorporates user interaction and flexibility in a simple, innovative way. I find the cyclical vs. continuous chart view feature...
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Jose J. Montes

Managing Director at Monteli LLC

Meat prices during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic reached unprecedented high levels. With EMEAT, it is not only easy to spot market trends but also perform various data analyses without having to download the data, which is very practical indeed.

Roberto Aguilar

General Manager at Santara

EMEAT is available for Android and iOS devices!

Easy to use, customizable, and fast!

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